enterprise 2.0 week 8 – Officeworks and its culture and collabroation

In this post, we will discuss the relationship between Web 2.0 application and Officeworks company. Differing from many other enterprises, officeworks does not pay much attention on blogging. Comparing with long articles and comments, officeworks prefer to short communications with social network like twitter and Facebook.

Because they adapt to these social network tools, the corporate culture of Officeworks has particular obvious character of fast and short, which also can be seen from business pattern of Officeworks. As a large supply for both small business and large enterprises, officeworks intend to provide fast and easy services. With the official twitter of officeworks, their public relationship department enables public, efficient, collaboration, communication with media, consumers, manufactory, and other contacts.

For different communication target groups, and possible contents, they use both Facebook and LinkedIn to answer questions and publish news. On one hand, due to large population of Facebook and twitter, they use these two web 2.0 applications to communicate with external contacts, such as TheAge and product buyers. On the other hand, since LinkedIn is one tool with professionals, utilization of LinkIned for Officeworks emphasizes internal and technical aspects.

The main reason they do not use blog might be most of their products are simple and common in everyday life for students and officers, and they do not want to share all information with external contacts. However, Blog is still a tool to enhance their business pattern and enterprise branding. Because twitter and facebook can let users to share and publish information in a quick way, but it is very hard to find same information several days later, whereas blog is capable to be a comprehensive tool in strategy. In later posts, our group will discuss a proposal of Officeworks and advantages if they add blog as a communication tool.





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5 responses to “enterprise 2.0 week 8 – Officeworks and its culture and collabroation

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  3. It is a good strategy for companies to enhance corporate culture by blogging or micro-blogging. Starbucks could be a suitable successful example for this point. When this company calls its employees partners and pays attention to listen to their ideas and feedback on its Twitter, blog or Facebook, it is obvious that these web 2.0 tools help Starbucks to create its culture.

    • starbucks can be recognized as a most typical enterprise who is always exited about new technology and who was successful in implementing these technologies to offer comfortable service for past decade. To shay

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